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MidgetMan 07-21-2004 11:32 PM

Results of The Nhacks Staff Meeting
Recently your staff here at Neohacks had a meeting and decided upon a few subjects. Some of the results are as follows

-Some of the inactive staff was retired.
-A section for Game Reviews will soon possibly be implemented. (details below)
-More games to come in the arcade!

Game Reviews

**Note: We are making this announcement to see if members will actually be active in submitting reviews, if there is not enough activity on the subject, the mod will not be implemented.**

Neohacks will soon have a section that will hold reviews of games that YOU have written! In return for each quality game review you submit, rep will be awarded. Just send your review into me by PM and I will edit it through and soon after it will be posted, recognizing YOU as well as giving you rep! We hope to see your reviews soon.


Lately the flaming has been almost intolerable, if we were to warn every user for flaming, I dont think any of you would be safe. Please cut down...It's getting out of hand. If it does not cease and desist, we will have to crack down and alot of you won't be happy.


More topics were discussed and will be revealed at future dates.
This is just an update so that you know whats going on behind the scenes here at NH.

Dont forget to submit your game reviews to me! :)

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