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Godkarmachine O Inary 10-26-2017 02:58 PM

Originally Posted by Biddykins
People who know more about ad serving and such than me...what the hell is the point of these posts? Surely there's nobody making money off randomly posting 'hello' on a 20 year old website?

I assume it's a testing thing. Let the stupid bots run around, make posts and practice trying to pass for people, and then work on posting ads that feel more organic.

I dunno.

If I say my penis doesn't work, maybe one will link me to some site for pills.

My penis doesn't work.

samzike 06-07-2018 05:34 AM


jamie225 07-20-2018 01:31 AM

hii all.

delhirajasthan 08-08-2018 01:21 AM

Hello, How Are You, I am new here. Hope you all well.

Listend 09-11-2018 02:04 AM


perfectagra 11-12-2018 03:41 AM

Great thread posts, thanks for providing it.

baka1503 11-22-2018 03:51 AM

I am newbie too, I'm glad to see you all!

Fancytext 12-05-2018 01:57 AM

I am also thinking about this matter, thanks for sharing this info.

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