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A_Guy 11-13-2004 06:06 PM

The Neohacks Community RPG Project
The Neohacks Community RPG Project

In the ongoing attempt to breath life into Neohacks, which at the moment has very little purpose, and almost no content, several of us have decided to start up a community based, quasi-open source, online role-playing game.

The entire game will be coded in PHP and MySQL, and will focus around the world of Anima* (Latin for Life, Soul) and the inhabitants of the planet. Anima* is a home to a vast and varied population of creatures, each with distinct characteristics. What are these creatures, and what do they look like? How does the game work? That's where we need your help.

To undertake such a large project, we need help. We need coders, graphics designers, writers, and, in the long run, game moderators - among others. This is a non-paying job, but it will be a valuable addition to a resume, and will provide work experience for anyone aspiring to have a job in the gaming industry.

Want more information on the Neohacks Community RPG Project? Sign up and post your resume at the official NHRPG forums or message me on MSN at

More public information on the inner workings of Anima* are forthcoming.

* Name pending, may be changed.


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