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Originally Posted by Pandu1986
so just cause its something you want to do? No other reason, like you want them to pay for your college, stuff like that?

Nothing wrong with joining the USMC I suppose, just kinda figured most people only do it for a particular reason, like payment of education, or cause they are going no where else with their life, or something like that. (Probably a misconception, but meh the few people that I know that have actually joined airforce, navy, usmc, and army, all had their own reasons, but mostly it was because joining the army would benefit them in someway in their near future)

Well, I have lost my job, I do have no direction in life (well, had I should say), and I ran out of money. It also was a great way for me to clean up off drugs, I stopped dealing completely and haven't done any drugs in a couple months now.

Those are all secondary reasons however; the main reason is that it just is a career I've always wanted.. I just was too scared to go before.
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