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Originally Posted by Talbysaurus Sex
It most definitely was not written by the people who used violence and manipulation to try to spread it. It is a collection of books written over about a 14-1500 year span. The Christian Bible as it is today was canonized in a synod (basically a religious committee meeting) somewhere around 400ish AD.

edit: wikipedia says 393 so there you go.

Right. I'm not really arguing that they were the exact same cultists because i'm not stupid. I feel like you're bashing too deep into semantics. The old testament contains the writings/parables you're talking about, which were primarily jewish texts. The new testament was assembled along with the rest of what we call the "Christian Bible" around 400ish AD. While those who assembled the bible did not instantaneously send missionaries or wage crusades in it's name, those who followed it did.

As for "finding your own way" spiritually, i mean that no one can tell you what to believe. Because all existence can be reduced to triviality, it's impossible to know the entire truth from some asshole's empirical data. You're entitled to develop your own truths based on your analytical abilities. Following the bible is pretty much just the easy way out for most people raised christian or forced into it. To believe such a subjective text as the bible, you'd essentially be accepting someone else's truth as your own.
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