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Really strange American accents of which I had underestimated prevalence

My job is to sell clothes to middle aged American women over the telephone. I never realized how prevalent some stereotypical American accents are.

The southern accent is huge, as is the Orleans accent, or as I call it: "Sassy Fat Black Lady"

Lots of drawl

You've also got the people who pronounce the word "pen" as "peeen" Or basically any "en" sound as "een"

Ten is teeen, den is deeen, when is weeen! It's actually crazy. But basically the two most frequent accents I hear are the Southern Drawl and SFBL.

Americans also use a lot of bad slang like the 'word' "y'all"

I've also noticed that speakers of SFBL use a lot of ebonics grammar like "now that don't make no sense" "no that don't work" "y'all don't do this do y'all"

Also sometimes I ask people what color they want their item, and they reply with the size. And vice versa.

I ask American's - do you experience this kind of thing with any Canadians? Because we've got those people too, but I'm not sure your exposure to them would be near our exposure to you. I had one woman ask me where I was from, and was shocked when I told her Nova Scotia because I didn't "sound Canadian! A lot of you guys have french accents!"

A lot of youth from the East Coast are in fact losing the East Coast accent (small town accent I suppose.)

If you read this sentence you are gay.
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