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Originally Posted by Biddykins
Time certainly does exist, just not in the integer based way we think of it. There is a now, a before, and an after, its just not enclosed within a little capsule of 'this is how long the universe is' like we think. Our universe will have a start and end point, yes, but outside of that there's other universes, and it's not the case where if you go back far enough you'll find the 'original' universe and work out how long the whole of time is. Time does exist, it's just not got any start or end points like we think of it.

You believe that time exists, and that there is a now, a before, and an after. Time is an abstract term used to measure distances between events perceived by our senses. It's possible that there is no such external force as time imposing its progression upon us. Maybe there is no such thing as a now, before, and after; it could be that there is a now, history, and projection. All I'm saying is that from our tiny view out into the universe, we can't really know anything beyond imagination. We can measure things quantitatively but are only left to deduce the inner workings of the universe and therefore cannot speak so confidently of our flawed and primitive technology. We are like ants who gaze out at the world with machines that can observe qualitatively detect the complex world of men.
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