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Originally Posted by rhinoceros
You believe that time exists, and that there is a now, a before, and an after. Time is an abstract term used to measure distances between events perceived by our senses. It's possible that there is no such external force as time imposing its progression upon us. Maybe there is no such thing as a now, before, and after; it could be that there is a now, history, and projection. All I'm saying is that from our tiny view out into the universe, we can't really know anything beyond imagination. We can measure things quantitatively but are only left to deduce the inner workings of the universe and therefore cannot speak so confidently of our flawed and primitive technology. We are like ants who gaze out at the world with machines that can observe qualitatively detect the complex world of men.

so all of reality is like a film roll... and we're just experiencing our part in it... but the previous frames and future frames are there they just haven't been played in our time, yet whoever is in those frames is experiencing them now as we are experiencing our now as now even though both nows are occuring at the same time?
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