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Round 1: Music (10 points available):
1) Who directed the music video for Thriller by Michael Jackson? (1 point) John Landis
2) Which band recorded the song 'Eye of the Tiger'? (1 point) Survivor
3) What's the longest time a song has been UK number one? (in weeks, 3 weeks either side will still get you the point) (1 point) Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (16 weeks)
4) Who wrote 'The Four Seasons'? (1 point) Vivaldi (Answered by Jakub)
5) What was the title of The Beatles first christmas number one UK hit? (1 point) I Want To Hold Your Hand
6) Which band did Brian Connolly front? (1 point) Sweet
7) The album 'Folie A Deux' was by which band? (1 point) Fall Out Boy (Answered by Jakub)
8) Who originally wrote the pop song 'Bleeding Love' released by Leona Lewis? (1 point) Jesse McCartney
9) Name three of Bob Geldof's daughters? (1 point) Peaches, Pixie, Tiger Lily, and Fifi Trixiebelle
10) How many symphonies did Beethoven write? (1 point) 9

Bonus Question: Name the Adam Sandler film which features an instrumental version of Tom Sawyer? (3 points) The Waterboy

Round 2: Geography (6 points available):
1) The tallest building in the world is located where? (1 point) Dubai - Answered by Dragoon
2) What's the least densely populated country in the world? (Clue: It's in North America!) (1 point) Greenland - Answered by Kate
3) If you were to walk one mile south, one mile east, and one mile north, and end up where you began, where was your starting point? (2 points) North Pole - Answered by Dragoon
4) Name this flag (1 point):

Brazil - Answered by EM2915
5) Which is the largest European country by land mass? (1 point) Ukraine - Answered by Kate

Bonus Question (3 points!): Name 3 states which border Texas? Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas - Answered by Kate

Current Standings:
Kate - 5 Points
Dragoon - 3 Points
Jakub - 2 Points
EM2915 - 1 Point
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