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Originally Posted by Dragoon
First new poster in months and I'm thoroughly disappointed. But he used a really large font, so it must be true.

I recently read an article about a team who claim to have discovered evidence in the cosmic background radiation of black hole collisions from a previous universe. If the findings turn out to be valid, it could be amazing evidence in support of the cyclical universe theory.

So where did the matter for the, er, bing bang come from? From the previous universe, which was made of the universe before it, and so on. And eventually, if this theory holds true, our universe will collapse into a singularity and birth a new universe.

And who says there has to have been a first big bang, an original universe? As we've already discussed, our limited understanding of time and our inability to grasp the concept of something infinite limit our potential understanding.

Or, you know, sky wizard did it.

The simple logic of it all is that nothing came 'before' the big our universe. Logically there will have been a universe before it, and before that, before that, and so on forever, and our universe simply spawned from one of those that came before it. Pulling out the 'what came before the big bang' argument, when we can honestly not know what did, is pretty stupid. Hence, ban
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