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Originally Posted by Dragoon
Yeah, I had the same problem with 13. Barely even started it. 12 is pretty good, though the combat system kinda bugged me until I got used to it; would have preferred classic RPG-style combat.

Loved Lost Odyssey, but I still haven't beaten it. I got rather far in, then lost my save along with my previous 360 in a fire. I've got a new copy, but I haven't gotten around to starting up a new game yet.

Haven't played Homefront, but I don't think I've heard good things about it.

I'm in Ixion, I32. Kinda lost interest though, haven't done anything in weeks. If I decide to start again, I'll head over to I11.

And, coincidentally, I've also got The Witcher 2 downloading. I still need to play through 1 though.

Yeah, I haven't played through 1 yet. But I downloaded it after playing The Witcher 2. Still haven't beat it, but I'm close to the end so I'm taking breaks to draw it out a bit. Ive gone through every side quest possible up to where I'm at now.
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