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How the hell have you been _____?

There's a couple of people I want to talk to again. Rick mostly ignores me on Facebook anyways.


NHSheep (really do need to find a way to get a hold of a fellow Joe)
DuskRequiem I still have his email address, I wonder if he want's that....
Khild :'(
Ted (I remember his AIM name was coachksbluedevil)

But also, Iridium, how the heck are you? It's only been around 2 decades since this place was active, and it's beyond super awesome that it's still open. Thank you, very much.

And to you as well Biddykins, toupher, c03, et al for doing your parts over the years too. It certainly would be nice to see this site come back, but I almost think it would be a lost cause. FML life has changed though. I came back because I got a security notice for some shitty app trying to login to DuskRequiem[at]] - I signed up for a it a really friggen long time ago, and forgot that I even had it, lol.

oh my shit. I think I just realized I know someone from a torrent tracker on here.
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