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About to take some steroids

Been contemplating it ever since I got out of the military (since now I don't get tested) and have been doing a lot of research and gathering all the correct gear.

Anyway, this is gonna be my cycle:
Due to it being my first cycle I'm starting out low -- 250mg/week is basically the minimum for testosterone. But I'll probably end up increasing it to 500mg once I see how my body reacts.

Week Dbol Test Enth
1 35mg/day 250mg/week (1cc a week)
2 35mg/day 250mg/week (1cc a week)
3 35mg/day 250mg/week (1cc a week)
4 35mg/day 250mg/week (1cc a week)
5 --- 250mg/week (1cc a week)
6 --- 250mg/week (1cc a week)
7 --- 250mg/week (1cc a week)
8 --- 250mg/week (1cc a week)
9 --- 250mg/week (1cc a week)
10 --- 250mg/week (1cc a week)

HCG use starts the last week of a cycle, and on from there every 5-6 days (usually 1500-3000 IU) and discontinued 1.5 weeks prior to the cessation of Nolvadex/clomid.

Never take Nolvadex + Clomid at the same time, one or the other. Nolvadex is preferred.

4 weeks PCT

Week Nolvadex
1 40-50mg
2 40-50mg
3 20-25mg
4 20-25mg

Anyone else here have any experience with it?
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