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Originally Posted by Biddykins
Anyone else find themselves in this situation? As you grow up, keeping hold of your friends just becomes ridiculously difficult. When I was younger I had a small group of maybe 5-8 friends who I was really close with, as I got to college it became a different group, then uni, another group, but outside of this small group of friends I suck at keeping contact with anyone else. I think it's cause I can't physically see them often, so have to rely on facebook/msn/etc, and I suck at keeping contact with people over the Internet. Ugh. On the other hand, I'd hate to be one of those people with 4000 'friends', who they're not actually close to at all.

People grow apart, I suppose. I've lost a few friends due because of different reasons. I had one friend who was a few years older than me who hit puberty and we grew very far apart. Good thing, I suppose. He really influenced me and now he's in jail from drug trafficking. (Meth)

Then I'll kind of hang out with my other past friends or drop them a line sometime, but it's not a real tight knit thing. Usually just people from high school that I don't ever run into anymore.

Apart from that, I consider myself extremely lucky. I hang out with two people and one of them has been my best friend since I was 9, so almost 13 years. The other is my mom's boyfriend's son who moved here four years ago. Losing friends can suck but in my opinion losing the ability to find or make time to spend with each other means you probably weren't great friends anyhow. I'm not knocking your relationships but I just think there's some kind of mutual agreement that you're all not important enough to each other to see, be it because of distance or because there's not enough time to take away from education or careers.
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