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Originally Posted by Square
hi diane morris aka ceci!

Thanks for helping me back at neopets thru 8th grade math while listening to good charlotte. Good times good times. I can't login to my neopets account anymore. I miss radeon, the dragon I swiped. Poor guy, so sad, so lonely. We need to hack neopets again. Can we do that again?

oh yeah and fuck digibliss. those cuunt stealers of our proggies

diane morris? i think i'm missing the joke haha.

10+ years later and i've made a return to virtual pets, i play flight rising these days don't have any consoles or a tv anymore so that's as far as gaming goes for me now. it's heaps better than neopets lol

once of my dragons, space

his sister, time

and welcome back flyin. what made u return? & did u ever go by another username?
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