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Nexodyne Pub Quiz!

Let's have some quiz related fun. No prizes for winning, so hopefully no incentives for people to cheat...We'll have 10 points a round, with a 3 point bonus available for the bonus question, which will relate to the other questions (one of them, maybe more) in some way.

Round 1: Music (10 points available):
1) Who directed the music video for Thriller by Michael Jackson? (1 point)
2) Which band recorded the song 'Eye of the Tiger'? (1 point)
3) What's the longest time a song has been UK number one? (in weeks, 3 weeks either side will still get you the point) (1 point)
4) Who wrote 'The Four Seasons'? (1 point) Vivaldi (Answered by Jakub)
5) What was the title of The Beatles first christmas number one UK hit? (1 point)
6) Which band did Brian Connolly front? (1 point)
7) The album 'Folie A Deux' was by which band? (1 point) Fall Out Boy (Answered by Jakub)
8) Who originally wrote the pop song 'Bleeding Love' released by Leona Lewis? (1 point)
9) Name three of Bob Geldof's daughters? (1 point)
10) How many symphonies did Beethoven write? (1 point)

Bonus Question: Name the Adam Sandler film which features an instrumental version of Tom Sawyer? (3 points)

Round 2 will be geography!
Remember, there's no prize, so why cheat? This is just meant to be for fun!

Current Standings
Jakub - 2 Points
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