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Originally Posted by Biddykins
I remember you doing this, and quite impressively too. I tried calorie counting, but it's just way too much of an arse-ache, so I figure if I just exercise my ass off, and eat sensibly, logically I'm bound to lose weight. Problem is that as I'm not really fat, just a bit chubby, it seems to be taking a lot of effort, which is pretty lame.

Also: Interval training is awesome.

having no plan/routine and just hoping that whatever you do will work is probably the worst way you can go about your fitness

you should be setting REALISTIC goals... realistic being the keyword. you can say that you want to drop 30 pounds but is it realistic for you?? do you really SEE yourself dropping that weight??

set short term goals and long term goals. ie:

-this month i want to cheat my diet/routine no more than 4 times.
-in the next 4 months i want to lose 10 pounds

keep in mind that once you drop that weight you need to keep up your routine in order to keep them off or else you'll just be rubber balling (drop weight then rise back up, and on and on)

try going for a run every day (or if you can't do a 20 minute jog, work up from a walk to a brisk walk to a slow jog, etc.)

-if you're treadmilling, try and add another minute or 2 every day or every other day
-if you're running outside, tack on another km every week

ps: i didn't proofread this post at all and just kinda wrote what i thought of at the time
pps: 140 lbs sounds excessively lean to me
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