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Originally Posted by Dementor
Honestly, I contemplated on doing it a few years back. I remember very little of the proper mixtures (there are so many you can take, all with each its own effect) and I'm happy that you were responsible for it.

Steroids get bad rep and I know that what I'm about to say will probaly get flamed to death, but I will always approve of someone to take steroids if they are completely safe, have the right attitude and aptitude for it.

Ive seen quite a few documentaries on it aswell. As far as roid rage goes, it's a touchy subject. I don't want to say roids don't give you mood swings in the sense of increased aggression, but best way to put it is as one of the commentators said it "Steroids will highten all of your emotions. If you a easy going nice guy, you'll stay that way. If youve always been a jerk, youll be a super jerk on steroids (roid rage).

Anyways, let me stop rambling. Did you find a UG supplier for it or got it locally for a friend/gym enthusiast?

This is exactly how I feel about them as well.

I found a UG supplier online, used his stuff, and recently found a friend of mine who can get British Dragon, some really great stuff. So I'll be goin through him from now on instead.
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