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Originally Posted by Nuke_is_Good
Problem was, what did the forum offer unique after Neopets related stuff was gone? Some members stuck around but yeah.


Holy fuck there are way too many sub boards, I can't justify that many sub boards even with higher activity.

I agree. Little enough to keep current members around, and nothing to attract new users.

I also agree regarding the number of boards. A lot of them are similar enough that they could be bundled together into less boards, too--we have, for example, an Arts board and a Visual Arts board. Mental Health and Physical Fitness could also fall under the same heading. Science and Technology could also go together (this would leave the General Academic board alone in its category, so I would suggest moving it to General and renaming it as Academia or somesuch). The Shitter and Found it on the Internet could also be merged.

A lot of the boards in the Living category only have a handful of posts, and could probably be disposed of entirely, at least until/unless we manage to get an active userbase capable of supporting such niche topics as spirituality and outdoorsmanship.
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