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Originally Posted by ..
I think math blows in general, college math classes are a pain in the ass, especially if you don't already know the material. Since most often you learn a new concept every class period, missing just one day will completely throw off your comprehension. I'd say taking both will end up biting you in the ass, but if you already understand the concepts and you have enough self discipline to stay on top of your classes, you might be able to pull it off. Just keep in mind that you have to manage all your classes, and math classes tend to demand the largest workloads.

I've been having an easier time with my math classes than with any of the other classes I've taken so far (admittedly not that many, and not among the harder classes I need to take). Perhaps because I've got more motivation for them, since they tie directly in to my major/career goals.

I completely agree that it's a huge pain in the ass missing classes though. Missed a couple days of class because of a cold a few weeks back, right when we were starting on a new section, and apparently those two days are the ones he used to go over most of the important topics that were going to be on the second test.

I'm a little worried about the workload involved in taking both classes at the same time, but I think I can manage. I suppose I'm mostly just wondering how complementary they'll be, since I really don't know much about either (Trig is about triangles and I assume college algebra is a continuation of what I'm learning now). Will the concepts in one make things easier in the other, or will I be working in completely different directions?
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