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Originally Posted by Square
If any of you are adventurous, and believe that there's more around us than what we just see, mystycism, zen, or anything along that nature i suggest you pick it up.

Have you read 2012 return of the Quetzcoatl by David Pinchbeck, I have 10$ to bet you'd love it, and I'd pay 10$ just to have someone to talk about that book with. The last 100 pages are shitty though.

I just finished School, as long as everything goes right I'll be getting a going to OU to start on a letters degree. Life as a pizza delivery guy really isn't bad, I make 13-16 on average a night, most of it goes untaxed, and Oklahoma doesn't have a very high cost of living. No relationship problems, but that's just because I can't stay in one. Life is good, I play disc golf, work, hang out with friends, stay involved with multiple lovers, and get baked .
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