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Coupons. Make them your bitch.

Buy that crappy "Manager's Deal!" meat that's usually available. It's the shit that's going to expire in like 3 days so they put a stick on it to knock 2 bucks off of the price, buy it and freeze it and you're good to go.

Generic foods are always a good buy, canned generic corn is like $0.30 here.

I live near a bulk food store. I buy my flour, sugar, spices and seasonings from the bulk containers. That way I only pay for what I'll be using. A cup of sugar for $0.12? Don't mind if I do. Fuck, I'm still using the $0.28 bag of cayenne pepper I bought almost two months ago. Plenty of other good shit there as well.

Rice, beans, shit like that.

Originally Posted by X-Factor
Things I do to save money:

- Get the shopper's card for whatever grocery store you shop at (i.e. giant, safeway etc...)
- Only buy stuff that is on sale

Problem with the shopper card is they find ways to still fuck you on the price. Safeway is closer to me, but I often drive past it to WinCo because a sale from them is sometimes $1 more than the price at WinCo. Other times it is indeed a sale, so they aren't always bad.

Shopping around is another good way to save money. There's three stores around me, and often times I find something cheaper at one store than I do the other. It's time consuming, but you'll save cash (unless you're burning gas to get between stores).

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