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Recipe for a pretty damn good steak
gotta marinade it first and have a decent cut though, recipes can't improve the meat quality.

Red Wine
1 Fresh Lemon
Balsamic Vinegar
Worcestershire Sauce
Olive Oil (or similar vegetable oil)
Pepper (pepper the outside of the steak, when you flip it you'll get a peppery marinade)

Marinade your steak (I usually use a strip or filet mignon) in the above stuff, using more of the ingredients listed first and less of the ones listed last. You can use your own judgment on how much to use, as this will deviate depending on the thickness of your meat. The acidic medium of this marinade will tenderize your cut immensely. Let it marinade for however long you want in the fridge, flipping the steaks every 20-30 minutes. Do NOT leave your steaks at room temperature to marinade because bacteria will grow, the fridge will be fine.

When you're ready to cook, just throw the steak on the grill or skillet or whatever (i usually grill em'). Don't go poking holes in it with a fork or a knife as this causes those juices you've spent so long waiting to seep in to leak out. I can't really tell you how long to cook the steak either, as everyone likes em different. Be wary of cooking a filet if you've got one though, they take a pretty long time to be cooked completely.

After you throw the meat on the fire, you can take whatever was left of your marinade and throw it in a skillet on medium heat and reduce until it gets thicker (that is, if you want a sauce for your steak). If you're making the sauce, you can also put some butter in the skillet. At this point I often chop up some garlic and onions and drop them into the sauce skillet.

When they're both done, serve em together. You can also serve the wine used in cooking with the meal for an extra zest.

If you happen to be serving people who prefer white wine to red wine, substitute the wines for one another and use white balsamic vinegar.
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