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Originally Posted by Ceci
1. what are you up to now?

2. what were the afghani's general feelings towards the army? how mixed were these feelings.

3. did you converse with any afghani's on a personal level?

4. did you doubt your choice to sign up at any point? do you think being in the forces is a temporary part of your life or has it become your dedicated career?

sorry for lots of questions. if you dont want to answer them thats fine. i've never communicated with someone in the forces so i'm sorry if they seem dumb questions but i'm intrigued to hear from your personal experiences. it's one thing to hear from the press and another to hear from someone you (vaguely) know

1. I'm doing more training in California.

2. Afghan generals are trying to regain a sense of control in trying to provide security for their people. As part of the war on terrorism at least in Afghanistan, we're assisting them in training more military personnel so they can provide security themselves. It takes time, though.

3. No; never had to.

4. The military offers a unique experience that I don't think you'll find anywhere else. You'll go places, you'll probably meet some great people, you'll definitely meet some dumb people, but overall you're in for a ride.

I leave around June.
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