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Originally Posted by False Pseudonym
I think DotA is a little out dated now try out HoN or LoL Heroes of newerth(HoN) is more like DotA and LoL(League of Legends) is a noob friendly version with brighter colors.

Told ya new members would mean gravedigging. Welcome to the forum.

I tried HoN for a bit, didn't really hold my interest. Then again, I was never a big fan of DotA in the first place so it's hardly surprising. A few of my friends play LoL and have spoken of it in a positive light.

Icefrog, the guy who (in large part, at least) developed DotA has been hired by Valve, who are now working on DotA 2. From what I've heard, they're basically porting DotA to Source and not making any major gameplay changes--same heroes, same abilities, same items, etc. As much as I normally love Valve games, I can't find any enthusiasm for this project.
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