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  • First, Staff would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. We understand this is we are saying this in advance, but with the coming of the holidays everyone is going to be busy.
  • Pandu1986, the lucky guy was giving the title of Contributor today, after the deciding votes were cast. I'd like to be the 1st person to say congrats unless, Ted did so already. Go a head, someone make a topic for him.
  • Gaej has posted another guide; "Forum Posting Guide".
    • <li>To view the topic click: Here
  • The "Flame Time" topic was locked and removed.
    • <li>You guys just couldn't handle the thread.
  • There is to many sticky topics in the Neopets Board, we would really like it is someone would combine all the Guide's into one.
  • In Other news:
    • <li>I want a cookie.
    • I hate the list command, there was about 26 edits made to this post because of how I coudn't get the command to work.
    • We found out mike is a robot?
      ZrhZ [8:10 PM]:* Error, I am not an organism, yet a technically advanced mechanism capable of incredible feats.
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