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Originally Posted by Ceci
rick and chris, what makes you feel the film is bearable?

i am intrigued as to how something that has made me feel ill just thinking about is watchable. as a person into body modification i am completely desensitized to people mutilating their genitals and anything else to no limit, so gore and the intent involved doesnt phase me because that is personal choice. but when extremities of this sort of specter (but much worse) are imposed on other unwilling human beings that is tortured souls.

i cant see films like this being commented on in such a way unless you watch them with a complete barrier up (which i see as no point in watching the film in the first place - unless for the 'been there done that' factor) or you are a raging nutjob rapist/murderer.

this is just my stance on the topic so enlighten me please.

edit: ive been up far too long and had just skimmed through your comments so i think i missed the point that you were making that you've simply seen worse. so excuse me. but if anybody did find this film bearable i am still intrigued as to how. a reviewer on the wiki page seemed to think so.
Personally (it may be the same for Rick but I can't answer for him) it was bearable because it was so ridiculous that it just became a bit of a joke after a while. I mean really, a guy being skullfucked to death? It's so stupid you have to laugh. That's why August Underground is so much worse, because it comes off as a genuine snuff film, and is hard to watch.

I watch them because I like to stretch myself, see what I can stomach, expand my boundaries, and all that goodness. I think there's some inherent factor that makes us watch sick stuff, the same thing that makes you slow down to look at a car crash on the motorway.
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