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Originally Posted by Biddykins
Personally (it may be the same for Rick but I can't answer for him) it was bearable because it was so ridiculous that it just became a bit of a joke after a while. I mean really, a guy being skullfucked to death? It's so stupid you have to laugh. That's why August Underground is so much worse, because it comes off as a genuine snuff film, and is hard to watch.

I watch them because I like to stretch myself, see what I can stomach, expand my boundaries, and all that goodness. I think there's some inherent factor that makes us watch sick stuff, the same thing that makes you slow down to look at a car crash on the motorway.

Totally gravediggin here but I havent even been on this site in months, so blow me...

For me, I enjoy stuff like this. I dunno, I always wished I could do stuff like this without getting caught -- well, the violence anyway. Not so much the skullfucking a guy, that's gay cause it's a guy.

But yeah, it has never phased me and I don't think ultraviolence / rape / anything of the sort will ever phase me.
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