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Well shit, everyone seems like they were pretty successful.

My life:
  • 23 years old now
  • Dropped out of university at 17, started working construction / welding
  • Got way into drug dealing, did that as my full time job and made a bit of money
  • Joined the Marines to clean up my life and 'go legit', went infantry. Finished up my active service, got out a little bit ago, and I want to go back now.
  • After getting out got very involved in credit card fraud, never got caught.
  • Stupidly got involved again with old contacts in the trafficking business last year or so, and got caught. Was charged with 5 felonies, and was able to plea guilty to only one felony count of sales, didn't do any time and am currently on felony probation for the next 3 years. Once I got caught trafficking, I stopped the credit card fraud stuff.
  • Started shooting up heroin for 3 months or so, got clean on my own.
  • Working as a CNC machinist. Decent pay, could be better.
  • I live in Oakland, CA right now but moving to San Francisco at the end of this month.

My life has definitely had it's ups and downs, and I've made some bad choices but I can honestly say I'm doing just fine. Been clean, and keeping out of trouble.
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