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Originally Posted by CO3
There are many people who say "irregardless", "supposebly", and "used to could" that don't know the right thing to say and more importantly have no desire to learn. We're probably about 99% fundamentalist Baptist Christians that don't trust what anyone says unless it's coming out of the mouth of a far right Republican.

Every region will always have its little quirks and we're undoubtedly the most infamous. There are people like me that wish they could have a bit more pride about where they were born. I lost my accent by the age of ten and my religious burdens by eighteen. A lot of people from my generation are adapting; at least in the city I live in. Middle aged women are definitely representing the last of a very long and embarrassing era.

I agree with this. Not even going to lie, I say a lot of southern things like "used to could" all the time. I know it's not proper grammar, but I was raised around it and don't really care.

I have a pretty large southern accent that I don't even notice, but when I'm recorded I can hear it way better then.

Also, y'all is totally a contraction for "you all" ;p
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