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Garena > way to competitive DotA gaming, I think not.

So i have been playing DotA since around 6.27 in and i got bored of those newbish games so i read in here that garena is one step up... Well i beg to differ. Let me tell you about my first experience there. I joined a what i thought was a decent game 5v5 -ap. I went to the scourge team to have a bigger challenge, but what to my surprise 2 of our team left in the countdown.. So after the game was loaded it was 5v3, all the sentined yelled PLAY NOOBS!!!!!!!!11evelen!!! What could i do.. I picked Tinker.. I realized i have to carry hard.. Then came my teammates picks: Mortred and Magina. I wanted to hang myself... Not only did they go boots first but they both went like 0-10 in 15 mins.. I mean wtf?!?! anyway i was a good sport and i waited to the game to finisgh.. The second game i went there started out as an 5v5... after the host pressed start game , it started out okay, i thought i was in dreamland. The picks were quite okay, we went warlock, earth, magna, jakiro and spectre. i finallt though it would be a decent game... I was wrong.. Everyone except me went boots first.. I asked earth why did you go boots first, you need mana, he yelled at me why didn't I go boots first with warlock: "early movement speed owns" he said. I was astonished. Anyway what i am asking actually is what should i do? I want to make it to competitive DotA. I read that most teams require you to be a member of Garena, but most of them seem to be total beginners.. I try to get to higher rooms in Garena but i simply have no luck with teams.. I can not win with a team full of agi heroes... especially when all of my allies think boots and then vladimirs is the best item build ever..
Please enlighten me oh wise DA.
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