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Originally Posted by 000GHOST000
Wow, didn't realize you were behind vagrant Mitch. Congrats! we use it a lot at our company and it's a huge achievement!

Also, thanks to Iridium, you've helped me a lot in becoming a better programmer back in the day! Hope you're enjoying your work in the financial sector!

As for me, working in a startup-like environment on the east coast. Specifically enjoy working on high concurrency stuff involving scaling and handling over a billion requests per day.

Hah! Small world! Cool I always wondered what you had ended up doing. I still remember you teaching me how to use "substr" in VB to get the content between two HTML tags. Sillyl kids, we've come a long way.

Originally Posted by btsx
Strange, I also attended UW for computer science. We may have been in some of the same classes together (I started there Fall 07).
I actually am a software engineer at UW now.

I started there fall of 07 as well, which means we almost certainly were in some of the same classes together. Do you know any of the following names (some are first, some are last, whichever is more recognizable I think, but I don't want to post their full names): Reusch, Meager, Armon, Lipay, Jehad, Anirudh? I'm friends with them all from UW and they all live here in SF now and work at various companies (startups, Twitter, VMWare, etc.)
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