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Efficacy of Nootropics

Hello all,

A few years back, a member of this board told me about nootropics. According to wikipedia, Nootropics are "are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that are purported to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration." In the past few years I've tried quite a few nootropics, discontinued the use of many and retained a few.

Vitamins etc:
Gingko Biloba / Bacopa Monnieri/ Ginseng Blend
Omega 3


Choline sources:
Choline Bitartrate

Stimulants/Dopamine Precursors:

From these, I think Omega 3 is good to take on a long-term basis. Piracetam is subtle, yet effective for a motivation boost, mental clarity and procrastination-elimination. Alpha-GPC is pricey, but by far the most effective choline source and a good addition to piracetam. From my experience it seems that Alpha-GPC is more effective as a nootropic than Piracetam. L-huperzine is great for memorizing things in the short term. And L-tyrosine is very necessary to replenish neurotransmitters after the sometimes necessary all-nighter.

That said, I'm not sure that nootropics are all that necessary for regular healthy individuals and I'm not sure if they actually help with academic performance. I take Piracetam + a choline source + omega 3 as needed. My grades in uni have been great, but I don't know if nootropics are a causal factor of good performance, rather than a correlation. I think nootropics would be most effective and a good idea for individuals with any pre-existing learning deficits, years of substance/alcohol abuse or those that are not bright to start with. If you have any questions, shoot.
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