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Originally Posted by Elite
lets see the list champ

At the moment I'm taking a break from college to pursue a music career. I've given it a time frame of 2 years to work before I no longer consider it. This is because I'm not in a hurry to rush through school and get a job. That's boring and monotonous.

Once I'm done with Computer Science I'm getting relevant certifications at the time of my graduation and getting a job in IT. Where I go from there I'll base on what I want at the time.

I'm writing in my spare time for my own benefit. If something comes from it, that's great. If not it wont matter to me.

Regardless of whatever is on the list I know I'm going to have fun and enjoy myself. That fact alone is enough to suffice, even if I wanted to write for a living. There's nothing wrong with that.

Especially because I can drop 250k words out of my ass about anything in ten minutes or less. Eventually one would hit. I believe that Twilight proves you don't have to be good to be successful.
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