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Good luck CO3, I have a friend who took a break last year, hes taking a break this year too, and hes talking about taking a break next year again. Not that he has no ambition, or wants to enjoy his time sitting in front of a computer way too often or working a dead end job, hes just lazy. I figure, the faster I finish my school, the sooner I'll be able to sit around and enjoy a not so monotonous life. Good luck Rick, be careful and wear a tin foil helmet to avoid mind control.

Half the reason I'm taking this break is to also contemplate and explore other career possibilities. I don't like making long term plans because I end up changing what I like and don't like over medium to long periods of time.

Not so long ago I wanted to go to school and be an artist. I was sure I'd never change my mind and just knew that it was all I wanted to do.

Now I don't even think about it anymore. If I still want to get into IT by the time my music shit is up, then I'll go right back to it. If I'm not interested enough to educate myself in it, odds are it's not the right choice.

Who knows? Maybe my band will achieve some form of success and I can do what I love for a job. It sounds like a cliche but it's right. You can't give up because it takes too long, and I don't think I ever will. I'm not going to sit around jobless waiting for someone from a record label to call me, either.
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