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I've tripped more times than I can count. I've done all types of acid, from liquid, to microdots, to blotter. I've done small amounts (1-3 hits), and large amounts (14 at a time.)

The craziest trip I've ever had was on just 3 hits of liquid -- it was the purest liquid I know of, the guy I got it from is pretty much the sole supplier of all acid in northern california.

I could barely talk, everything was constantly morphing and changing, I was seeing fractals in the goddamn air. My friend would talk to me, and while he was talking, his face was in a constant state of change. He'd grow long point ears, then they'd shrink, his eyes would turn dark yellow and serpentlike, then large and round, and back again.. his incisors would grow like a vampires, then disappear entirely. It was insane.

I've never had a bad trip, though I almost did the time I took 14 hits of blotter. I touched my friends arm on accident, and he acted defensive and was like "did you just touch me?" and instantly it was like a bad dream somehow -- I could see myself doing things but couldn't stop myself. I laughed and got extremely offended, I asked him "what?" and balled up my fists like I was about to hit him. Then he said to calm down, and a few seconds later I was back in normal acidland.

I've been with two people when they had bad trips on seperate occasions.

The first occasion I was tripping in a park with Stacy (my ex) and a few other people. All of us were having a good time, save Matt. He seemed really flustered, like he wasn't having a good time. He wasn't smiling at all. When me and him were just chilling, he suddenly turned his head and puked. I asked him if he was alright, and he said of course he was and didn't know what I was talking about. He acted like he didn't just spew his guts out.

Everyone else came back, and they were like "um.." about the puke. I shook my head and pantomimed not to talk about it. A little bit later, Matt asked what year it was. I told him it was 2009, and he was in a park with his friends. He said there was no way it was 2009, and it was the year 1502. At this point, we figured out he was trippin balls.

We asked him if he remembered our names, and he said no. He didn't nkow why he was here, and he thought we were all testing him somehow. A little bit later, he started to do something extremely odd. He would curl up in a ball, then slowly extend his body, stand up, run around a little bit, then fall down suddenly and start all over again. We couldn't figure out what the fuck he was doing, til Stacy pointed something out: "He's going through all the stages of life! Look, he's getting born, then living, then he dies and starts all over again."

At this point he was completely incoherent, his eyes were wild as hell and we figured it was a good idea to get him back to the house. An ambulance came, because someone called 911 and took him away. He ended up riding his trip out strapped to a hospital bed and came back in the morning. It was some crazy shit.

The second bad trip I witnessed was in the woods. One of my friends has pretty bad OCD, and stuff like that really comes out when you trip. Again, I noticed the telltale signs of a bad trip - he wasn't enjoying himself, didn't smile at all. And he kept taking his phone out of his pocket and putting it back, over and over. Him and my friend Lexi went to get a drink of water, when suddenly she yelled out. He punched her in the face. I ran up and subdued him, held him down. He didn't really know what he was doing - his body was just full of adrenaline from the acid, and he didn't know how to handle it. He kept trying to hit me, but he's a pretty small guy so I held him down. He would calm down, and I'd let him up.. then he'd start swinging again. At one point he actually bit me. I still have a scar where he bit me at. We ended up having to call the park rangers, because he was really hurting some of us and himself. He ended up being okay after he rode the trip out as well.

So, in a nutshell.. Don't do lsd if you have any past mental problems or are dealing with anything heavy right now. Only trip if you are calm and happy in the deepest sense. Don't try to control your trip, and remember: it's JUST a drug. Be safe and happy tripping!
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