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I've been wanting to drop acid for a long time now. The one time it was supposed to happen, the shit turned out to be a dud. I would imagine the same rules apply when it comes to any hallucinogen. Be with people you trust, work yourself into a carefree mood, and most importantly don't have any expectations. If you choose to look at it in a way where you're eager and excited to see whatever it brings you, and know that whatever it brings you you'll embrace, it'll be good.

Also, doesn't hurt to carry a pair of dark sunglasses on you in case you get paranoid. I always carry what I call my "magic glasses" when I trip. If I put them on, I become invisible and no one can see me. Hence a dramatic decrease in paranoia.

Worst case scenario, carry a few Valium (or any other benzo/sedative) on you as an emergency exit in case you start freaking out. Worked for me when I ate 4 grams my second time ever doing shrooms.

Have fun whenever you do end up doing it.
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