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I live in Dalton, Georgia. It's the second largest city in Northwest Georgia and has a population of ~30,000. I live inside the Bible Belt and we're completely full of Republicans. To clear up a few things about where I live. Yes people here have a 'lazy tongue' accent for the most part, but in larger cities we tend to speak clearly enough to be understood by most anyone. No, I do not have a Southern accent.

We don't ride tractors down dirt roads, but we do like having dogs and drinking cheap domestic beer and beating our wives. No I do not do any of these things.

I'm completely living in the wrong part of the world. I seem to be immune to the hick virus and I don't necessarily want to be here. I think that I'd be happier living elsewhere and people would be happy to see their Baptist Christian percentile go up 0.001%.

I'm thinking about taking a tour to a few select Nexodynian's cities/towns, so if you're interested let me know and when I get the cash to start it up, I can drop by and say hi or chill or do whatever your area has to offer that would be fun.
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