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Originally Posted by Biddykins
Given Heroes has just been cancelled, Flashforward cancelled, Jericho got screwed over pretty fast, John Doe, Carnivale, I could go on and on. Basically, unless it's a show like LOST that goes 'this is the end point, give us x seasons' then why get into new shows when you know they're probably gonna be cancelled at some totally inconvenient point before all the plots are tied up? It just seems a bit futile.

I'm feeling a bit pissed off about how ratings dictate absolutely everything in a show. I like a lot of shows that have low ratings and they usually get cancelled. We should try to privatize television online and keep making shows to the producers' own standards of ratings. I thought that FlashForward was getting really interesting to the end, and overcame that big boring gap midseason.

To answer your question: yes. I'm finding it hard to get behind a show because I can't trust it'll be around. I usually watch television shows after they're nearly done. I waited until LOST announced they had an end in mind before I started watching.

It's an investment, and just like my money, I don't want my interests developing into a potential return and just have it go south and cut its losses.
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