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I'm just a tad late on this reply, eh?

Originally Posted by Dragoon
How's the plot in Gunslinger Girl? From the name, I got the impression that it's largely fan service, but the slower pace you mentioned gives me some hope that it might be better than the name might imply.

I had the exact same impression from the name. I expected a fast-paced, high action series with annoying amounts of fan service, but I tried it out after a few recommendations. I was pleasantly surprised with what it turned out to be instead.

There's some plot focusing on whichever terrorist organization they're trying to take down, but I recall that feeling a bit episodic (the second season has a little more overarching plot in that department). The focus is more on the emotional development of the girls. To some degree they're still just normal, young girls. Obviously, this conflicts with their new role as android assassins (and that conflict led to the series being "too dark and depressing" for a friend of mine to stomach). Additionally, since all they know in life is killing to protect and please their handlers or "big brothers", some more emotional issues arise with the girls in that department.

The second season moves slightly away from the emotional bits and adds a longer conflict with a specific few terrorists, and one of the girls suffers an early defeat that produces a lot of conflict in her character for the second half of the season.
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