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Facts of Life: Good and Bad

things we have discovered about life as they pop into your head:

- When you are super tired and nearly falling asleep, so you decide to clean up for bed and when you get into bed you somehow lie there for hours. Also falling asleep uncontrollably all day yet somehow being unable to sleep at night.

- Incredible coincidences are too common. When I lived in British Columbia my neighbor there had been born in my mom's home town 20 minutes down the road from my place in Nova Scotia. Myself and a friend were chatting up two South Africans in Cape Town and my buddy found out that the guy he was talking to has a cottage in the same place he himself has a cottage in Ontario.

- Things are way more awesome when you're young. When you revisit those things you used to love as a kid as an adult you're like "That's it?"

If you read this sentence you are gay.
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