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Old 04-18-2009, 05:12 PM
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Black Star Love / hate your life? Post here.

I was remembering when Nexodyne was a place where we all just shared what was going on in our lives, and commented on how shitty or great it was.

So let's do just that in this thread. I don't care if it's a single line or a wall o' text.. You can brag or bitch. Just enlighten me as to why you love or hate your life right now.

I'll start:

I'm pretty unhappy with my life. I got laid off a couple months ago, it was a pretty high-paying job for my age -- $22 an hour, with full benefits. I had just moved into my apartments a few months before the layoff, and when I moved into my apartments, I also quit selling drugs. I figured I could make it in life legit, especially because I had a great job.

Figures right as I choose to go legit, I lose my job. Anyway, right after losing my job, everyone who owes me money stops talking to me and goes dark. Keep in mind I have about $3,000 owed to me by various people, around $500-$1000 each. A lot of these people were my good friends, and it's unfortunate that I'm having to resort to threaten them to get my money back.

I'm a month behind on rent, two payments behind on my car, unemployment is so ridiculously backed up that I won't get my first check for another few weeks.. and I have yet to find a new job.

I'm probably going to end up moving back in with my parents.. I'm getting back into selling drugs to make money again, and the bank may be repossessing my car.

Also, I basically have 0 friends now, because everyone I was close to owes me money, and I've either threatened them to get the money back, or they're just too scared / ashamed to even talk to me.. There were times I'd call them just to hang out, not even talking about money, and they wouldn't answer 'cause they were afraid it was about the money.

Now it's your turn. Tell me why your life is better than mine, rub it in my face... or tell me why your life is shittier than mine so I can feel happier!

It's like a group therapy session.
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