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Striped Pulsing Destiny or Doom?

Over the last year I have went from being a night auditor (11pm-7a) at a well known hotel, to a Director of Sales at a different well known hotel, and it all just kind of happened.

I transferred from the first hotel, to the second hotel with the assistant general manager from the first hotel, so that I could work days. After about two weeks at his new hotel he brought me over to work days, but instead of learning how to run the hotel himself, he had me learn it. At this time we had no director of sales and we were being fined for not having one, so he promoted me so he could justify the raise he gave me for doing his work.

I didn't know anything about the position and for awhile that was alright. Up to this point I had learned the ins and outs of our property management system. In the first month my hotel had so many adjustments that my owners told my GM if he had more than 3 in the next month he was out the job. So my Gm came to me, asked me to make sure there were no adjustments, we had 0 for the next 3 months. I'm working 40-50 hours a week, while my GM is putting in 10-20 and getting paid salary double what I make.

The way our franchise over sees what goes on in our hotel is through Area Managers, one for the GM and one for the DOS. They don't really have control over any operations of the hotel, but they report back to corporate, and corporate can fine the owner or take away their logo. So as the days are approaching to my first encounter with my AM, I'm trying to figure out what I am actually supposed to be doing. I didn't make much progress on it alone, my GM had no idea either, so I just waited on her and asked. She taught me quite a bit about sales and everything I needed to know about the position.

For the next couple of months I did ok with the sales position, then everything got crazy. When this hotel opened 5-6 years ago it was built in place of a destroyed hotel that was not nearly as nice, but the insurance value provided funds for an upgrade. When trying to get the franchise, the owners were at first denied for lack of management experience, but then formed an LLC with a much larger management company and re-applied. They formed a 60 (owner of original) / 40 (management company) partnership, and the original owner opened the hotel and took the GM position.

About a year into his new hotel he starts to draw suspicion from the 40% owners, soon they discover he has embezzled well over $100000. He played stupid an innocent so they let him off with a slap on the wrist, and banishment from the management aspects of the hotel. And so the steady onslaught of lazy, unmotivated, unambitious, and completely free of oversight General Mangers began taking refuge in the hotel. All did decent jobs, though they only did the bare minimum, because they could get away with it. 4 years later my GM and I come along, my GM was pretty bad. Great with the employees, but he just knew nothing, and got nothing done.

We get along just peachy for about a year, and the out of the blue, the original owner and the management company owner show up at the hotel. The management company (our boss) told my GM that the original owner was going to be the assistant manager from now on. A very confusing few days passed by like this, both my GM and I on edge. Then I show up to work (I worked 7a-5p) at this time, about 9 am the original owner shows up and comes into my office to tell me what he needs me to do, we end up talking about the situation and I decided to confront him about it. He told me he was there with every intention to fire me and my GM, but he had decided to keep me around because I would be worth it(or because he could exploit my cheap labor). He tells me from now on, I am the assistant general manager, but I'm keeping the director of sales title cause its required.

At first its great, we have a massive influx of business caused by a catastrophe (bringing us insurance money) and are sold out for the next few months. Through out this time we are making great money, and my new GM/OO is on the ball, making renovations and overhauling the hotel. The period of profit didn't last forever, and soon my GM/OO became worse... and worse. Causing me to pick up more and more of his slack, but then there was a twist.

With my position, it is required that I attend a corporate training class in Atlanta, or the hotel gets fined. Recently, I got the opportunity to go to this class. I was the youngest there by far, at least 5 years younger than the youngest, and probably 15-20 younger than the average. After talking to most of the other 29 DOS trainee's, I realized how underpaid and overworked I was, I'm getting paid less than any of them and half of what my GM gets paid. The class ended with a speech, and the speaker mentioned a story that sounded similar to mine, and it ended badly. About a young DOS who went back to his hotel and told his owner what he was doing wrong, then got fired. I called him later, hes near the top in the company and I was hoping he would have some good advice. I explained the situation, he said thank you for calling me and letting me know, asked a few questions, and that was it.

I just got back from that training this week, and I got this E-Mail this morning...

From: GM/OO
TO: Me
Subject: Can u finish this man....I'm in my room sick as a dog.. (Bullshit)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Head Honcho
Subject: Fwd: Hotel Content Manager score!

Make sure you complete this please

Thank you

-----Original Message-----
From: Founder of Management Company
To: Managment Company Head Honcho
Subject: Fwd: Hotel Content Manager score!

send this to GM/OO make sure he gets it done soon

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Area Manager
> To: GM/OO
> Cc: Management Company
> Subject: Hotel Content Manager score!
> Hey GM/OO,
> I was reviewing your HCM score over the weekend and was wondering if you could go in and “validate” your Stale Content. There is a screen shot below, and your current score is lower than what we like to see. If you click on the Stale Content to Review, it will take you to information that needs to be “validated”. Once on that screen, there will be a drop down box, it says Options, in the top right with an arrow. Click on it and it will give you the option to “validate”. This will immediately raise your score. Also, it looks like there is information that you have yet to fill into HCM. Please click on the “Improve Your Score” button to continue to fill in accurate information about your hotel. Let me know if you have any problems! Also, if you could get your score to 700+ that would be AWESOME!!!

Area Manager

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

So I worked on it all morning, and this afternoon I replied,

From: Me
To: Head Honcho, Founder, Area Manager
Subject: Re: Can u finish this man....I'm in my room sick as a dog..

(I forwarded the entire e-mail that was forwarded to me and included my reply)


Got it taken care of for the most part, I've attached a screen shot, if there are any other specific updates you'd like to see on there let me know and I'll take care of it.

Director of Sales

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Normally I would have been out of the hotel by 4 today, but I got held up because we were out of room key cards and I had to go to another hotel to get some to make it through the night. I get back to my hotel about 4:40, then I start getting ready to leave. As I'm sitting there shutting down my computer in walks head honcho, who passes by my office and says hey, then heads straight for my GM/OO's office. Finding it empty, he continues down the hall to find him, they walk outside together while I finish up and clock out. As I'm walking out the door they are walking back in, the HH does not randomly show up, its very rare to see him at all, much less unannounced.

Keep in mind that the GM/OO and the management company are some sort of "extended family" so there is quite a bit of leniency shown toward him.

Am I to be fired, or am I to be promoted.... or maybe everything will just stay the same and it was completely coincidental.
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